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Harris's Uncle Remus trickster tales derive primarily from transplanted Senegambian African folklore and are rhetorically and sociologically complex representations of the often predatory world of Old South slave life-where survival depends on trickery, wit, and will pitted against the brute strength of overseers and masters. Controversial today because he was a white man retelling black folk narratives, Harris nevertheless helped preserve the trickster tale-cycle and promote black folk-tale collecting, generally; hundreds of scholars and linguists have studied his works.

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Harris also made Brer Rabbit, the tar baby, and the briar patch popular-culture icons, and his highly believable animal characters and dialogues influenced the techniques of Rudyard Kipling, A. Milne, Beatrix Potter, E.

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White, and other children's authors. Anyone interested in southern literature should be grateful for the reissue of Joel Chandler Harris.

Bickley has done an admirable job of bringing 'the whole Joel Chandler Harris into view. Bickley's approach and his results provide a new understanding of one of Georgia's most important late-nineteenth century personalities, and fully deserves this new paperback edition.

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One of the foremost Harris scholars in the country. Bickley, Nights with Uncle Remus. Welcome to the new UGA Press website! Title Details Pages: Trim size: 5. Add to.

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During his 4 year apprenticeship Harris also had access to the owner's library, reading profusely, as well as spending hundreds of hours in the slave quarters of the plantation where the newspaper was housed. It was in the slave quarters that Harris began to hear the stories he would later record as his Uncle Remus tales. After the dissolution of the Confederacy, Harris worked a few newspaper jobs before finding a home at the Savannah Morning News, one of the largest papers in the South, as an associate editor and leading humor columnist.

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  • At the age of 27 although claiming 24 Harris married 17 year old Mary Esther LaRose, and the couple had two children, but ended up having to flee Savannah in because of a Yellow Fever epidemic. They settled in Atlanta where Harris began work for the Atlanta Constitution, where he continued for 24 years. Rabbit and Mr. By his death at the age of 60 Harris had published more than 2 dozen more Uncle Remus books, and collected a total of stories which were highly popular in the North and the South.

    James Wheldon Johnson proclaimed the collection "the greatest body of folklore America has produced. What makes Biblio different?

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