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GPR for Mapping the Underground. Transportation Projects.

Mapping the Underworld. Mapping the Underworld — Buried Utility Location.

Underground Infrastructure of Urban Areas

Hamilton, M. Hamilton MG, Magazine article. Trenchless World, Issue 12, pp. Rogers C. Trenchless Works, Issue 17, January. Mapping the Underworld meets Subsurface Utility Engineering. Thomas AM, Rogers C. F, Metje and Chapman DN, date. Metje N, As part of its Pathways to Impact initiative, Mapping the Underworld has produced a video of a workshop held with government representatives and councillors that highlights the challenges faced by streetworks.

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The video can be seen on YouTube. Muggleton JM, Multi-sensor device creation, assessment, protocols: technologies advancement to support multi-sensor device. An assessment of the use of a scanning laser to measure ground vibration. Parker JM, Mapping the Underworld Seminar. Report Ref.

Superblocks: How Barcelona is taking city streets back from cars

Pennock SR and Redfern M Paper Rogers CDF, Thomas AM, Metje N. Brisbane, Australia. Metje N, Chapman DN, Condition assessment of the surface and buried infrastructure Canada. Interviewed for a podcast about Mapping the Underworld its achievements and benefits it will bring to the industry. Sustainability work at the University of Birmingham at a conference, Bejing, China. The office has been established to help inform European policy debates and the development of programmes, support alumni in the Benelux region and consolidate European research collaborations.

The office will also provide local services to the staff and students of the University when working and studying in Brussels. Geological Society, London. ISBN Please click on any of the logos to link through to their website Articles Beck AR, The Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement tunnel is a bored road tunnel that is under construction since in the city of Seattle in the U. The 2-mile 3. New York City 's 63rd Street Tunnel under the East River , between the boroughs of Manhattan and Queens , was intended to carry subway trains on the upper level and Long Island Rail Road commuter trains on the lower level.

Construction started in , [25] and the two sides of the tunnel were bored through in In the UK, the Queensway Tunnel under the River Mersey between Liverpool and Birkenhead was originally to have road vehicles running on the upper deck and trams on the lower. During construction the tram usage was cancelled. The lower section is only used for cables, pipes and emergency accident refuge enclosures. Hong Kong's Lion Rock Tunnel , built in the mid s, connecting New Kowloon and Sha Tin , carries a motorway but also serves as an aqueduct , featuring a gallery containing five water mains lines with diameters between 1.

Some tunnels have more than one purpose. When necessary, floodwater is first diverted into a separate bypass tunnel located underneath the 2. In this scenario, traffic continues normally.

Only during heavy, prolonged rains when the threat of extreme flooding is high, the upper tunnel tube is closed off to vehicles and automated flood control gates are opened so that water can be diverted through both tunnels. Common utility ducts or utility tunnels carry two or more utility lines.

Through co-location of different utilities in one tunnel, organizations are able to reduce the costs of building and maintaining utilities. Over-bridges can sometimes be built by covering a road or river or railway with brick or steel arches, and then leveling the surface with earth. In railway parlance, a surface-level track which has been built or covered over is normally called a "covered way". Snow sheds are a kind of artificial tunnel built to protect a railway from avalanches of snow.

Similarly the Stanwell Park , New South Wales "steel tunnel", on the Illawarra railway line , protects the line from rockfalls. Owing to the enclosed space of a tunnel, fires can have very serious effects on users. The main dangers are gas and smoke production, with even low concentrations of carbon monoxide being highly toxic.

Fires killed 11 people in the Gotthard tunnel fire of for example, all of the victims succumbing to smoke and gas inhalation. Over passengers died in the Balvano train disaster in Italy in , when the locomotive halted in a long tunnel. Carbon monoxide poisoning was the main cause of death. In the Caldecott Tunnel fire of , the majority of fatalities were caused by toxic smoke, rather than by the initial crash. Motor vehicle tunnels usually require ventilation shafts and powered fans to remove toxic exhaust gases during routine operation.

Rail tunnels usually require fewer air changes per hour , but still may require forced-air ventilation. Both types of tunnels often have provisions to increase ventilation under emergency conditions, such as a fire. Although there is a risk of increasing the rate of combustion through increased airflow, the primary focus is on providing breathable air to persons trapped in the tunnel, as well as firefighters.

When there is a parallel, separate tunnel available, airtight but unlocked emergency doors are usually provided which allow trapped personnel to escape from a smoke-filled tunnel to the parallel tube. Larger, heavily used tunnels, such as the Big Dig tunnel in Boston, Massachusetts , may have a dedicated hour manned operations center which monitors and reports on traffic conditions, and responds to emergencies. A magnitude 6. The earthquake caused extensive damage to various structures including buildings, freeway overpasses and road systems throughout the area.

The National Center for Environmental Information estimates total damages to be 40 billion dollars.


Metro, the owner of the LA subway system, issued a statement through their engineering staff about the design and consideration that goes into a tunnel system. Engineers and architects perform extensive analysis as to how hard they expect earthquakes to hit that area. All of this goes into the overall design and flexibility of the tunnel. This same trend of limited subway damage following an earthquake can be seen in many other places. In a magnitude 8. A magnitude 7.

Underground Infrastructure of Urban Areas | Sanitary Sewer | Industries

Entry portals sustained minor damages, however these damages were attributed to inadequate earthquake design that originated from the original construction date of Entrance stations to subway systems suffered minor damages, and the subway system was down for the rest of the day. By the next afternoon, the subway system was operational again. The history of ancient tunnels and tunneling in the world is reviewed in various sources which include many examples of these structures that were built for different purposes. The use of tunnels for mining is called drift mining. Some tunnels are not for transport at all but rather, are fortifications, for example Mittelwerk and Cheyenne Mountain Complex.

Excavation techniques, as well as the construction of underground bunkers and other habitable areas, are often associated with military use during armed conflict , or civilian responses to threat of attack. Another use for tunnels was for the storage of chemical weapons [61] [62] [2]. Secret tunnels have given entrance to or escape from an area, such as the Cu Chi Tunnels or the smuggling tunnels in the Gaza Strip which connect it to Egypt.

Although the Underground Railroad network used to transport escaped slaves was "underground" mostly in the sense of secrecy, hidden tunnels were occasionally used. Secret tunnels were also used during the Cold War , under the Berlin Wall and elsewhere, to smuggle refugees, and for espionage. Smugglers use secret tunnels to transport or store contraband , such as illegal drugs and weapons.

The actual usage of erdstall tunnels is unknown but theories connect it to a rebirth ritual. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An underground passage made for traffic. This article is about underground passages. For other uses, see Tunnel disambiguation.

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For the John Foxx song, see Underpass song. For a tunnel for pedestrians, see Pedestrian underpass.