Guide Thinking About Jail and Prison Ministry; a Guide for the Lay Volunteer

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Thinking About Jail and Prison Ministry; a Guide for the Lay Volunteer by Larry Nielsen

USD Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Larry Nielsen entered jail and prison ministry after a career in law enforcement. That background gives Larry a unique perspective on corrections ministry. Product Details. Average Review.

Write a Review. Related Searches. A Guide for Home Sellers. Larry spent many years as a volunteer lay chaplain over in the County of Hamilton in Ohio. The book is fitted for those that are considering entering prison ministry.

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  • Thinking About Jail and Prison Ministry; a Guide for the Lay Volunteer.
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It sets out 4 basic areas in which the lay minister volunteer can teach behind bars:. The book is high level, but very appropriate for the newcomer. A disclaimer: I know Lennie Spitale, and greatly respect his ministry. I heard that he was writing a book, but I never imagined anything like what it turned out to be. This book will change minds and I believe it will change lives.

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Which is, I am sure, exactly what Lennie intended it to do. Stobbe on Apr 22, Prison Ministry could be called an "inside job" because the author is writing after serving six times in the brig in the Navy and three and a half years in a New Hampshire prison. But it is also an "outside job" because Lennie has gone from outside to the inside of prisons in California, Florida and all six New England states for 25 years. He entered prison a rebellious, anti-society, cocky young man. He now goes into prison as a humble, loving, caring prison minister--and supervises a staff of men and women that go into every penal institution in New England with a message that Jesus loves prison inmates and wants to give them a new life.

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From that perspective, Prison Ministry is a book that will transform the reader's understanding of prison culture. Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters--and the volunteers serving prisoners--will find this a well-written, even riveting behind-the-scenes look at how prisoners feel, what they long for, what will give volunteers and family members the greatest success in helping them.

There will be tears of recognition as readers recognize their loved one in this book--not be name but by feelings. There will be a new understanding of what makes the prisoner "tick. It will be a richly rewarding experience.

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By Allan M on Apr 10, I bought three books on prison ministry, have experience with one on one prison ministry and mentoring, and have attended the Prison Fellowship VIP Volunteer In Prison Training. Lennie Spitale's book is the best I've read yet.

ISBN 13: 9781466270268

It gives virtually all you will need to know if you are considering prison ministry, already involved in and form of prison ministry, or just curious about what life behind bars is like. Spitale is probably one of the most authoritative writers on the topic, having plenty of experience of life from both sides of the fence. He was a rebellious child, joined the military and was jailed a number of times before discharge. After discharge from the military, he served many years in prison on multiple incarcerations before turning his life around and going straight.

Since his release, he has spent at least 25 years in prison ministry, and founded an organization dedicated to preparing others for prison ministry and chaplaincy. This book has all the information and warnings any prospective prison ministry volunteer could need, as well as all the heart breaking and compelling motivations to become involved. It is easily readable, neither deep mind bending theory nor shallow boring fluff. Of all the books on the topic I have read this one is the most value for money. If you only buy one book on the subject, this is the one that will give most value.

By Kindle Customer on Feb 24, This book gives you incredible insight to the minds of men in prison. The book is written in such a way that those who are not involved in prison ministry can use it as an inspirational book. It reinforces in practical and understandable terms that we are all fallen from grace and we all require redemption.

By on Sep 03, As a new prison Chaplain, I felt this was by far the best book available for an introduction to prison ministry. Lenny's time served behind bars is the key to this excellent book! Streater on Jan 25, I gained a lot of understanding for someone that I knew that was in jail for a few years and how it affects them to this day. I've read a few books on prison ministry.. It shed light in areas that I desperately wanted to understand about my friend and I am very thankful for Lenny Spitale for his words and his wisdom.

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I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a loved one who's either in jail or has been in jail if you want to understand more of how it affects them inside jail and after they get out. By Kels73 on Sep 19, The title describes the content of this book perfectly. Reading it really helped me understand prison culture and the stressors that inmates have to contend with. I feel that it improved my ministry effectiveness to the incarcerated significantly.

By on Jul 03, Chuck Colson called Prison Ministry "the definitive book on prison ministry. The book is refreshingly honest, helpful and insightful. The author is credentialed. He served prison time for robbery. After his release and conversion to Christianity, he spent 25 years bringing God's love to inmates. Are you cut out for this kind of ministry? Spitale will help you sort that out.

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The book gives many details into the emotional, physical and psychological lives of prisoners. The premise of the book is that Jesus Christ loves prisoners. Men and women at the end of their ropes need someone to touch them. Spitale and his ministry seek to do just that and will help anyone seeking to do prison ministry. Highly recommended.