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The 34 tableaux cover a full spectrum of vignettes of life during the year rule of the Knights of Malta over these islands. In a still-life pageant, full-size figures of the Knights and Grandmasters from the eight Langues, symbolised by the eight-pointed cross, appear in their various roles.

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We see them in conference with each other, or alongside ordinary folk such as craftsmen at the Mint. We admire them in dramatic battle scenes or coping with disasters like the earthquake in Mdina. We are saddened when the Imperial rule of Napoleon forces them out of their island bastion.

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Visitors to the Knights of Malta in Mdina will be able to view the palaces and other monuments in a meaningful historical context. After guarding Malta for over years, the Knights warriors came to light in a sweeping historical epic that reshaped the story of Malta. Are you brave enough?

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Your Message. The perception of high-handedness is not difficult to understand. The simple answer for all religious communities may seem to be for those attached to the Extraordinary Form to join communities that use it exclusively. But there is a more fundamental problem for religious orders at issue here: the problem of their relationship with their own historic charism. Or the Mass which another member, the Italian Blessed Ildefonso Schuster, expounded in a beautiful multi-volume commentary in the s?

Such a suggestion undermines the idea that the Order has such a thing as a spirituality and way of life which persists through time, and which enables the knights of today to lay claim to be the spiritual sons of Blessed Gerard, their founder.

But the same is true, mutatis mutandis, of any long-standing order, and it is true also for the Church as a whole. It was an attempt to heal a division not only among people in the present, but also between the Church of the present and the Church of the past.

The Knights of Malta and their rule over the Maltese islands

This reconciliation is absolutely necessary for the future of the Church, and the struggle for reconciliation is being played out in microcosm in dioceses and in religious communities all over the world. In other communities, things are not going so well.

Let us hope, for the sake of the great charitable work done by the Order of Malta, that it too can secure its future by reconciling with its past.

Comment Cover Story. Joseph Shaw. Slice 1. Read more. The regime is so alarmed that it is even disrupting private meetings in Europe. Benedict Rogers. Newman combined intellectual insight with an almost childlike simplicity.

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