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In addition to the primary developmental faculty, many faculty in other areas of the Department also have interests relating to development students are encouraged to consult the web pages of individual faculty. In addition, students in the developmental area, routinely attend weekly talk series in clinical, cognitive, neuroscience, and social psychology as well as talk series in cognitive science.

The presence of a vibrant and active community of researchers, interested in all aspects of development, enables students to construct a highly individualized program of study tailored to their specific interests. Dissertation Titles Psychology Dept. Other Primary Faculty with Area Interests:. Lingua, 92, Are faces perceived as configurations more by adults than by children?

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Luciana Eds. The Handbook of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience.

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Whorf vs. Continuity Theorists: Bringing data to bear on the debate. Bowerman and D. Levinson Eds.

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