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Kerry Murphy Healey to Lead Center for Advancing the American Dream

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Instead, the Partnership had the freedom and flexibility to dream big and think creatively, limited only by our own knowledge and imaginations. Our focus was on learning from both research and practice, as well as from perspectives of people who have experienced poverty. Site visits and community voices were a key component of the Partnership.

We intentionally held our gatherings in very different places to ground our deliberations in community-level perspectives. We spent time in urban, suburban, rural, and tribal communities across the country. Through a series of design labs and learning sessions, we heard from community residents, policymakers, service providers, businesses owners, social entrepreneurs, researchers, advocates, faith leaders, and journalists. We also learned from each other. Our definition includes three core principles:. The Partnership developed a series of idea papers that coalesce around an architecture of five interlocking strategies, described below:.

Restoring the American Dream

If you ask most people what the American dream is, they will often say one of two things. For many people, it is the idea that if you work hard, you can get ahead. For others—particularly people who are struggling economically—it is the idea that even if you make little progress, your children will have a chance to do better.

Unfortunately, reality no longer lives up to that dream. Hard work is not enough. Whereas 90 percent of children born in earned more money than their parents did, only 50 percent of children born in achieved similar economic advancement.

American Exceptionalism

Place matters. Where a child grows up greatly influences opportunities for upward mobility. Comparing children in the same family who move from a low-opportunity to a highopportunity area shows that children who move at age 6 fare much better than their older siblings. Disparities by race, gender, and immigration status persist. Only 20 percent of white men are working in low-wage jobs, versus almost 40 percent of black women and 46 percent of Hispanic women and more than 60 percent of Hispanic women noncitizens.

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