e-book Rio de los Brazos de Dios (Sunny of the Old Southwest Book 2)

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e-book Rio de los Brazos de Dios (Sunny of the Old Southwest Book 2)

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Rio de Los Brazos de Dios : River of the Arms of God

Expected to be delivered to Germany by Christmas. Unfortunately the two orphaned sisters cannot be found and may have been taken by slavers to be sold into prostitution. The search leads east into desolate and rugged West Texas, putting the searchers themselves at risk.


Will Aaron's and Sunny's life together, blending two American cultures, be a tragically short one. Bestsellers in Westerns. The Giver of Stars Jojo Moyes. Add to basket.

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For each family introductory information, including literature citations, of a general nature is given concerning distribution, diversity, taxonomy, biology, habitat, and knowledge of immature stages, if available. Valid generic names are next presented in boldface type, centered on the page, and followed by the author and, in square brackets, the number of currently recognized valid species-group taxa in the region, followed by the number of fossil species.

A generic synonymy follows. The currently recognized, valid genus name is followed by its author, date and bibliographic citation of publication, and page number on which the name was formally established. Following this, in square brackets, the type species in its original combination with author and date is presented, along with any synonyms of the type species name, the manner in which the type species was established e. Other citations containing other important nomenclatural acts, generic revisions, or larval descriptions are next included with annotations contained in square brackets.

Generic synonyms follow, in chronological order oldest names first , and are presented in the same format and with the same information as presented for the valid genus name, with the addition of the citation where the generic synonymy was established. Subgeneric names are presented as generic synonyms and with the same information, but the subgeneric status is so indicated and the citation included. Following the generic synonymy, introductory information on the genus, similar to that presented for the family, is given.

All currently recognized, valid species and subspecies names specific epithets only , in their current orthography, are then listed in alphabetical order and in boldface type. In cases where subgenera are used, the subgenus name follows the specific epithet, in parentheses. Each species name is followed by its author, date and bibliographic citation of publication, and page number on which the name was formally established.

Stolen Child

Following, in square brackets, the type locality is presented, as annotated by us for clarity, but otherwise given as indicated in the original publication, except the country of origin is always listed first. The type depository is then given if known, and so indicated if unknown, according to the institution codes presented below. Sex of the type is presented next, if known, and so indicated if not known.

Sex of type is followed separated by a semicolon by the sex or stage of any other specimens illustrated and described with the type specimen these also separated by semicolons. Finally, still in square brackets and separated by a semicolon, the genus of the original combination, or the original orthography of the specific epithet if different from present orthography, is presented.

Synonyms are indicated in italics , preceded by an em dash — , and listed in chronological order if more than one and in their present orthography under the valid species entry. All species-group synonyms are included in the catalog. Information presented for synonyms is the same as presented for the senior name date and bibliographic citation of the synonymy, sex of type, type depository, genus of original combination or original orthography , but also includes the date and bibliographic reference where the synonymy was established.

Lastly, for each species entry the distribution by country, based on published records, is presented. In addition to original citations and important taxonomic or nomenclatural works, all of the recent and important literature published after is included in the catalog. However, the extensive bibliographies presented by Fischer - a for the literature prior to are NOT repeated in this catalog if not of primary importance.

Furthermore, genus-group synonyms are included only if those synonyms pertain to type species described from the region covered by the catalog. Other sources Fischer - a , Poole , Morse , Trichoptera World Checklist should be consulted for a complete list of genus-group synonyms. All literature cited in the introduction and catalog itself is listed in the References section. The complete title of the journal, book, or other bibliographic source is given to assist the user in obtaining literature. In all cases, the original citation was consulted by the authors in compiling the catalog to ensure accuracy of information or to check date of issue.

The catalog includes all literature known to us up to the end of , as well as several important works published in and any other literature published after that has come to our attention. The user is cautioned, however, that we make no claims to have included all the literature published in , and certainly not , but we have done our best to do so. Some literature is not abstracted in Zoological Record or Web of Science until several years after its date of publication and thus may have been missed.

Again, the user should check the appropriate bibliographic sources to ensure complete coverage and overlap by several years the bibliography in this catalog when searching the literature in the future. The catalog ends with an Index that lists all names presented in the catalog and the primary page number where the name occurs. Format of names in the index generally follows that presented in the catalog: valid species and subspecies epithets are presented in bold italics, followed by the current genus in italics; synonyms of species or subspecies names are presented in italics, followed by the current genus in italics.

The original orthography of species names, including synonyms, is also indexed, but referred to the species in its current combination and orthography. For subspecies names, the trinomen is also indexed, but referred to the name in combination with the nominotypical name. Homonyms are also indexed, but with the author of the name and date of publication included.

Valid genus names are presented in bold, followed by the family in square brackets. Generic synonyms are presented in italics, except that currently recognized subgeneric names are presented in bold italics, both followed by the family in square brackets. Since the publication of Flint et al. We have chosen to present taxonomic names in our catalog in alphabetical order for ease of use only.

Suborder and family concepts in this catalog follow the classification presented by Holzenthal et al. Only subgenera with representation in the region covered by this catalog are included. Publications containing hypotheses on relationships within families are presented, where known, under the family treatments.