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About Amaris : Amaris has been working magick for many years, since the late eighties as a solitary witch and then initiated into a coven in the late nineties. For the past nineteen years she has been the leader or High Priestess of her own coven, The Circle of Heka running classes, workshops and making magick.

Show all. Category: Online Classes. You will receive videos and notes with each class and all spell items are provided. This class will inspire, and motivate you to take your magick to the next level.

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After the class Ellen will be on hand to sign her titles and to visit. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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For more information, and to sign up for the class please contact the store at www. It will be retired again on September 1st, It has way to much information to be classified as a Mini-class anymore. I would order it soon. Here is the direct link to my website where you can peruse and then order any of my online classes.

Ellen Dugan's Online Classes Well Its a beautifully cool morning here for August, I am going to go work in the gardens today and enjoy the weather. Blessed be, Ellen. Newer Post Older Post.

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    About Ellen Ellen Dugan is the award winning author of over thirty books. Ellen's popular non-fiction titles have been translated into over twelve foreign languages.

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    • She lives an enchanted life in Missouri tending to her extensive perennial gardens and writing. Are you interested in how the science and art of spell craft can be used to empower and transform your life?


      In this fun and interactive five-week course, we will explore how spells work, the mindset involved, different styles, techniques, elements and more. Plus we will perform a different spell each week. At the end of the course you will have the understanding, tools and confidence to transform you life with magick. About Amaris : Amaris has been working magick for many years, since the late eighties as a solitary witch and then initiated into a coven in the late nineties.