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In each case there were a variety of reasons why the B team was able to recruit strong players; late joins, individual preferences about team make-up and so forth. This year it was a case of sharp thinking by Eson and the late availability of Taylor, Michelman and Sterner coming together. Eson took advantage of the opportunities as they came up and steered the team to success. For Steve Taylor chess has been a long term passion.

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But like many of us, passion has to be tempered by obligations. The demands of career and family conspire to make Mr. He has regularly played in the annual NYS Championship held in Albany, but other events have had to be fitted in to available time. Since beginning to write these articles for the ENYCA in , one of my interests has been how various of our local talents think about the game. Going over his game with Sells highlighted a characteristic of strong players: Strong players and the weaker among us frequently hit on good logical plans.

The strong ones follow the idea rigorously and efficiently to its conclusion, the rest of us too often are less efficient in execution, or change focus unnecessarily along the way. Besides playing some skittles Mr. Taylor had looked closely at my recent post about his game with Philip Sells and he had some further insights to share. The rest of the actual game can be found in an earlier post on the blog. HCFI Limited non-executive ; a publicly quoted company in Egypt, with a range of commercial activities from aviation and tourism to medical equipment.

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Remunerated employment, office, profession etc Practising barrister, arbitrator and mediator. Registered 26 October 4. Land and Property A cottage in Oxfordshire. Registered 15 October 2. Payment donated to local organisation.

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Payment donated to local charity. Registered 6 December 5.

Pirc Defence (B07) : LIVE Blitz Chess #196 vs IM Infernal-XaM (2471) - Scalp Alert! (

Registered 7 February Hours spent on preparation and delivery of the speech: Registered 21 December 4. Land and Property Freehold commercial business park property in East Anglia, from which I receive rental income. Registrable shareholdings a a Flare View Ltd. Registered 7 November 8.

Land and Property Investment residential properties in London from which rental income is received. Fee paid to charity. Land and Property Constituency office in Dinnington. Flat in Bramley in my constituency. Registered 26 September Registered 23 February 5.

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Registered 23 February Remunerated employment, office, profession etc Proprietor of Egin Partnership, an economic consultancy. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc Former member of Lloyds resigned Land and Property Forestry and arable land in Norfolk. Shareholdings a Lansdowne Advisory Ltd.

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Registered 16 January 8. Land and Property Part-owner of small nature reserve in Essex.

Land and Property Landholdings in Hampshire and Berkshire some in my constituency comprising farmland, residential and commercial property, some potential development land, woodlands and gravel workings, for some of which rent is received. Residential and commercial property in Hackney, for which rent is received.

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Rural land and property in Inverness-shire. The majority of property in these estates is held in family trusts in the trusteeship of Englefield Estate Trust Corporation Limited , the trustee of various family trusts in all of which either I or members of my wider family have beneficial interests.

Miscellaneous Locog The London Organising committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games provided me with tickets, of less than registrable value, for the Olympic tennis tournament on 3 and 4 August Registered 3 September Remunerated employment, office, profession etc Employed as part-time dental surgeon for Beresford Dental Practice Limited. Payment made direct to charity.

Registered 23 October 8. Land and Property Private accommodation and surgery, London. Ebooks

All payments are donated to my Constituency Labour Party. Payment donated to my Constituency Labour Party. Payment made to my Constituency Labour Party. Registered 27 June Payment received on a monthly basis. Registered 27 July 8. Land and Property A share of commercial property in Liverpool, from which rental income is received. Ebooks

A share of a flat in Liverpool, from which rental income is received. All payments are donated directly to my constituency party: Registered 9 August 8. Land and Property One residential property in London, for which rental income is received. I chair a monthly board meeting and have regular telephone contact with the managing director. Hours worked, approximately 5 hours per month. Registered 1 November 5.

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Registered 29 August Name of donor: Amount of donation or estimate of the probable value: The money is donated to my Constituency Party: Juba, South Sudan Date of visit: I am also an unremunerated director of the company. Registered 5 November The payment was donated to charity. Registered 16 March Articles for the Radio Times. Registered 30 October 8. Miscellaneous My formal connection with News International is registered under Category 1 above. Following negotiations relating to intrusion and substantial damage caused to my family as well as myself , News International paid damages to close members of my family in July Registered 28 September Registered 24 November I resigned from all these directorships on 31 October Registered 2 November 2.

Registered 31 August 6. Employment ended 5 September Registered 15 February Late entries to which the rectification procedure was applied on 26 March See paragraph of the Guide to the Rules. Registered 18 October 6. Registered 30 July 9. Shareholdings b Streetbook Ltd. Registered 1 June 6.

Registered 21 September Registered 25 January 6. Registered 5 September Fees donated to my local constituency party. Fee donated to my local constituency party.