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We demonstrated that patients suffering from the knee pain syndrome presented greater caution, mistrust and suspicion in interpersonal relationships.

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Other typical features included: increased hostility, oversensitivity and inability to express negative emotions. These patients also reported unspecific somatic complaints. Their adaptability proved to be significantly lower than that of control subjects.

We did not confirm a tendency towards passive attitudes. Scales measuring levels of depression did not reveal significant differences between the two groups. J Clin Psychol , 3 — In Advances in Pain Research and Therapy.

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Personality and personality disorders in chronic pain | SpringerLink

Guilford Press; — Excellent summary chapter of psychological disorders in chronic pain. Livengood J, Johnson B: Personality disorders in chronic pain patients.

Borderline Personality Traits - Catastrophizing

Pain Digest , 8 — Br J Psychiatry , — Arch Phys Med Rehabil , 75 — Kaplan H, Sadock B: Personality disorders. In Synopsis of Psychiatry , edn 6.

Personality and personality disorders in chronic pain

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Spine , 18 — J Am Dent Assoc , — Clin J Pain , 14 — In Personality Characteristics of Patients with Pain. Edited by Gatchel R, Weisberg J. Bleuer M: Conception of schizophrenia within the last 50 years and today. Proc Royal Soc Med , 56 — Meehl P: Schizotaxia, schizotypy, schizophrenia.

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Am Psychol , 17 — Monroe S, Simmons A: Diathesis-stress theories in the context of life stress research: implications for depressive disorders. Psychol Bull , — Order articles.

Personality Characteristics of Patients With Pain

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Carlsson AM. Abstract The Karolinska Scales of Personality KSP were used for the description of self-reported personality characteristics in pain patients. Supplemental Content Full text links.