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War, Trade, and State Formation

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2. The Bible

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XII Amsterdam-Brussels, , pp. Van Houtte, J. Van Roey, J. Kaardinal, De onvruchtbaarheid van het geld naar de leere van S. Login Create Account Admin. The medieval origins of the 'Financial Revolution': usury, rentes, and negotiablity. All papers reproduced by permission. Reproduction and distribution subject to the approval of the copyright owners. We find that the multidecadal precipitation and drought variations in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean cannot be explained by external forcings solar variations, tropical volcanism ; rather they were driven by internal climate dynamics.

Our research emphasises the challenges, opportunities and limitations of linking proxy records, palaeoreconstructions and model simulations to better understand how climate can affect human history. History meets palaeoscience: Consilience and collaboration in studying past societal responses to environmental change.

History and archaeology have a well-established engagement with issues of premodern societal deve Grasping the challenges that climate change presents and evolving appropriate policies that promote and support mitigation and adaptation requires not only an understanding of the science and the contemporary politics, but also an understanding of the history of the societies affected and in particular of their cultural logic.

But whereas archaeologists have developed productive links with the paleosciences, historians have, on the whole, remained muted voices in the debate until recently. Here, we suggest several ways in which a consilience between the historical sciences and the natural sciences, including attention to even distant historical pasts, can deepen contemporary understanding of environmental change and its effects on human societies. This paper surveys a group of natural hazards such as droughts, earthquakes, epidemics, locusts, Although the event types differ in their primary effects, their secondary and tertiary effects disrupt premodern human societies in similar ways.

The main types of SCEs are further examined in light of the three main groups of sources — historical, archaeological and climate proxies — together with references and examples. This article examines flooding and resilience in two riverine systems in the premodern Eastern Me Flooding represents a distinct type of short-term cataclysmic events SCEs because of its frequency and long-term predictability which facilitates societal adaptation.

We discuss the sources for premodern floods and their limitations before surveying Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt as case studies. Both societies are compared with regard to their environment and how it shaped local flood management practices. We argue that although floods caused short-term societal disruption in these societies, they also stimulated the reorganization and regeneration of economic resources. Both Mesopotamian and Egyptian societies systematically managed and mitigated their risks and were, in general, resilient to flooding events.

The first section of the volume is devoted to the question of the authorship of the Chronicle, raised by C. Mango almost forty years ago. The second section is devoted to issues of transmission, both direct manuscript tradition and indirect readership, translations. The last section of the book deals with the later part of the Chronicle and with its sources. ISBN Social mobility, imperial succession and elite families in eleventh century Byzantium.

Newfield , John Haldon a Lee Mordechai. Newfield , John Haldon , and Lee Mordechai.