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The Portsmouth Institute www. This June the Institute will convene a conference on Catholicism and the American Experience see announcement below. For more details or to register please got to the web site or contact Cindy Waterman cwaterman portsmouthabbey.

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Continue to your page in 15 seconds or skip this ad. About Us Subscribe Advertise. This volume includes contributions from a range of perspectives, including scientists, philosophers, and theologians. He had personal connections to people who were persecuted for their faith and throughout his plays there is evidence of a Catholic worldview.

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The Catholic Shakespeare? Each speaker offers compelling evidence and some suggestions about the basis and meaning behind his plays as they relate to a Catholic view.

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And, finally, Fr. David Beauregard, St.


John Henry Newman was an Anglican priest for two decades in the s, and was one of the founders of the Oxford Movement, which sought to reinvigorate the Church of England. In he left the Anglican Church to convert to Roman Catholicism. He was ordained a priest soon after, and was elevated to Cardinal in This book includes speeches, articles, and thoughts about Newman from a distinguished array of speakers. A collection of poems written over the past twenty-five years in Africa, New York and many other settings and published in literary magazines including The Southern Review, Ironwood, Kanasa Quarterly, America and more than twenty others.

Miracle in East Harlem is the story of how the public schools of one of New York City's poorest neighborhoods broke a decades-long pattern of defeat, failure, and frustration to become centers of learning and hope. Seymour Fliegel, a former deputy superintendent of District Four in East Harlem and one of the driving forces behind this renaissance, tells how a core of dedicated teachers and eager students rescued the local schools from their persistent status as the worst in the city.

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In time, District Four's success would propel superintendent Anthony Alvarado to the chancellorship of the New York City public school system and earn a MacArthur "genius grant" for Deborah Meier, one of its most innovative principals. Fliegel himself has become one of the nation's leading authorities on educational innovation.

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Central to East Harlem's transformation was the institution of "choice. These new "alternative schools" are smaller and more thematically oriented than traditional schools, and those that fail to attract enough students or meet the district's new standards are disbanded and replaced by other programs.

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  • The results have been immediate and striking, all the more so because the neighborhood's student body remains among the poorest school populations in the nation. Indeed, today District Four is a model for other communities, rich and poor alike, and is regularly cited by Republicans and Democrats as the shining example of how choice can work in urban public schools.

    Through this heartwarming, real-life success story, Fliegel and James MacGuire make a convincing case for public school choice.