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I loved the cottage, it is really quaint it's like walking into a home from the Jane Austen era but with all the mod cons. It's only a few minutes walk from the town centre and MacRosty park which is great for the children. The only thing I would say is that - it does sleep 8 but there is only one double bed and two of the bedrooms are single rooms so maybe not suit people who don't want to sleep apart.

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It wasn't a problem for our party as one couple could only stay one night but I thought I would point it out. Crieff has lovely wee coffee shops with good service and friendly staff. We particularly enjoy the Tower for dinner as the food was excellent. The local co-op had everything you needed and was surprisingly competitive.

We enjoyed it so much I tried to re-book the cottage for July but unfortunately the week we wanted was unavailable :- Dr Dodds - December We did enjoy our week at Merlin Cottage! It's near nice walking trails and the Famous Grouse Distillery is also at a walking distance from the house It has a lovely garden, but we couldn't enjoy it due to the weather. Ms Arribas - July Merlin Cottage is an absolute gem. The only problem for a house this size is that there is only one shower.

by Sir Thomas Malory

With 2 teenage girls in the party of 5 an awful lot of time was spent "getting ready". They also managed to max out the Wi-Fi on the first day. The house itself is in excellent condition and well-equipped. An easy 5 - 10 minute walk gets you to a host of bars, restaurants and shops - including a supermarket.

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As noted in other reviews the garden is beautiful and the cottage well-situated for day trips in any direction. Note the owners are allergic to animals so definitely not pet friendly. Mr Todd - June Really enjoyed our time at Merlin - mam, dad and 3 teenage boys. All had a great time. The house is really well looked after, with no shortage of everything you need for a self-catering holiday.

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  • Beds very comfortable, and plenty of them!! Crieff is a nice town, some great restaurants and pubs, and some quaint little shops and boutiques. The tour of Glenturret Distillery is well worth it. And within striking distance of all major cities and attractions. Well worth a booking! Mr James - August Merlin cottage is a gem! The house and gardens are so beautiful. We had a fantasic week and would recommend it to everyone.

    Merlin's Retreat

    Can't wait for a return visit. Mrs Watson - July We had a lovely holiday at Merlin Cottage.

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    We particularly enjoyed the garden - our children spent every possible minute playing in it, and really liked the tadpoles and swing. Lady Mary's walk by the river and MacRosty's park just down the hill were also fabulous. We would recommend Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre as a great day out for under tens, and Nae Limits for a great day out rafting down river for over eights.

    Ms Doherty - July Merlin cottage is delightfully charming! Please, sit and be welcome. May I order the wine you like so much? Olwyn turned to her steward, who was hovering nervously behind his mistress. And some sweetmeats. A man ought to be able to ride with his guard to see his daughter without risking assassination.

    Her father had always been a tyrant and a blusterer, but she loved him despite his faults. As the king of the Deceangli tribe, he often risked death from impatient claimants to his throne and ambitious invaders. But, so far, he had proved to be an elusive target and a vengeful survivor.

    More hair than brain, I say, and thoughtless to a fault. She ran across the path right under the hooves of my horse. Only good luck prevented me from being thrown. Melvig was utterly egocentric. When he had licked the last drops of honey from his huge mustache and drained the last of the wine in his cup, he fixed his daughter with his protuberant green eyes.

    When did she last have her hair brushed? And when did she last bathe? Would you take her from me? He remembered that Olwyn had lost her husband to a roving band of outlanders in her second year of marriage. She still had all her teeth, her skin was unlined, and she had proved that she was fertile. If she had any loyalty to her clan, he thought with another spurt of temper, she would have given him another grandson years ago. Although he was an impatient father, this particular daughter had always been a favored child, for in all the details that mattered Olwyn had been obedient and circumspect.

    Would you have her stolen and raped? Melvig used his large, calloused thumb to wipe away the salty trail with affectionate impatience.

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    Now, where are my traveling bags? Once, over a thousand Roman troops had been quartered in the surrounding fields, allowing Paulinus, and Agricola after him, to smash all resistance by the Ordovice tribes. Above a pebble-strewn shoreline, Segontium looked towards the island of Mona where, forever after, all good Celts would remember the shameful slaughter of the druids, young and old, male and female, as they faced their implacable enemy on the ancient isle of sacred memory. During the rebellion, leaving Boudicca to rage around Londinium, Paulinus had hastened north to rip the living, beating heart out of the Celts on Mona rather than bring the Iceni queen to heel.

    His desperate plan had succeeded, for few druids had escaped the bloody massacres, and Paulinus had crushed the superstitious, suddenly rootless Celts. Segontium bore its taint of blood, while something heavy remained in the Latin name to cause the least superstitious man to furrow his brow and make the sign to ward off evil. The dark shores in winter, the screams of gulls, and the sea-tainted air that was softened by the earth and trees of Mona warned its neighbors to beware. Their ancient home was cobbled together from a ruin, using stones taken from Roman villas and the conical houses of the Celts, but Olwyn felt no taint in the clean winds that scoured the corridors of fallen leaves and the sand whipped into corners by storms.

    Situated a little to the south of the shadow of Mona, their snug house suffered the vicious blows of the Hibernian winds, but Olwyn was content. Even the worn floor tiles, with their alien designs of sun, stars, moons, and constellations held no fears for her. Wind, clean sunshine, driving rain, and freezing snow combined to drive any sour humors from the house and purge it of the Roman poison. A stump of shaft protruded from the killing injury over his heart, and Olwyn had been so lost to propriety that she had struggled to tug it free.

    Finally, she bent to kiss his mouth, although the faint, sickly odor of death almost made her vomit. Blessedly, her tears began to fall. The arrowhead was separated from the remnants of its shaft and Olwyn labored for many hours to drive a narrow hole through the wicked iron barb. Melvig, her father, had been repulsed by the gesture, but Olwyn was a strange, obsessive creature who lacked his sturdy practicality, so he said nothing. If he had been honest, Melvig would have confessed that his stubborn, self-contained daughter frightened him a little with her intensity.

    Like all her kin, Olwyn was wild and strange. Melvig often wondered why he had taken a black-haired hill woman as his second wife, although her blatant sexuality had certainly stirred his loins.

    ‘Merlin’: Recap Of Seasons 1-3

    The gods were aware of his frustration when she produced no sons, only daughters, and all of them peculiar! Melvig ate in a petulant, reflective manner and scorned to use the old Roman divans, choosing instead to experience the solid serviceability of an adze-formed oak bench and table. There is no direct walking path to parking space.

    go here A bit inconvenience. The staff are very welocoming and helpful.