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Author Bernard Cornwell has admitted that he regrets finishing the character off, as he has struggled since to create an antagonist of equal depravity and energy. His character follows a similar arc to the later novels, including his framing of Harper, attack on Teresa, desertion and eventual capture and execution. It is revealed in Sharpe's Peril that he has a son - Corporal Barabbus Hakeswill portrayed by Amit Behl - whom Sharpe initially distrusts but eventually proves to be a useful ally.

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In the popular post-apocalyptic role playing game Fallout 2 , a character by the name of Obidiah Hakeswill resides in the town of Redding. In the side quest to aid the sheriff, you can choose to bring Obadiah to justice for cutting up the face of a prostitute. Besides their somewhat sociopathic nature, Obadiah and Obidiah share a scar around their necks and obsession with their mothers and a belief in their own invincibility. Huckfield first appeared in Sharpe's Eagle as a private soldier when Sharpe's riflemen were attach to the light company of the South Essex.

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Huckfield was involved in the Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo and the Siege of Badajoz and went on to fight in the Battle of Salamanca in Sharpe's Sword where by then he had made the rank of Sergeant. Huckfield was described in the novels as being educated, previously being employed as a clerk in a foundry that made iron. He was the son of an Essex gentleman. To begin with Sharpe had not liked Iliffe, however Iliffe proved himself in battle by showing courage after previously being sick before battle. Ensign Iliffe was killed in Sharpe's Escape getting shot in the forehead.

Kirby first appeared in Sharpe's Eagle when Sharpe's riflemen were attach to the light company of the South Essex. He went on to fight in the Battle of Salamanca in [Sharpe's Sword] but he wasn't mentioned. Kirby was described as a small man who had lost most of his teeth. He is one of the handful of officers who sides with Lieutenant Richard Sharpe in his feud with Sir Henry Simmerson , quickly recognising Sharpe's abilities as a soldier and adopting him as a role model.

Knowles plays a significant role in the recovery of stolen Spanish gold behind enemy lines in Sharpe's Gold and is shortly afterwards appointed as Adjutant to Lt Colonel William Lawford , the South Essex's senior officer Sharpe's Escape. By early Knowles has purchased a captaincy in 45th Regiment of Foot , but is on hand to assist Lawford when the later is seriously injured during the storming of Ciudad Rodrigo Sharpe's Company. Knowles sympathises with Sharpe when he learns that his mentor has been demoted from captain to lieutenant and promises to protect Sharpe's lover, Teresa Moreno , who is trapped with her young child in the besieged city of Badajoz.

Subsequently, Knowles takes part in a successful escalade of the castle at Badajoz in this Cornwell has borrowed the real life achievement of a Lieutenant James MacPherson. He then seeks out Teresa, but is shot and killed by Obadiah Hakeswill. Knowles does not appear in the TV adaptations of the Sharpe series; his role in Sharpe's Gold was abandoned when the script was first, then radically revised, following an injury to the actor originally cast as Richard Sharpe, Paul McGann. In Sharpe's Company the character is combined with that of Lieutenant Harry Price and it is Price who shot in the last minutes of the film, though his character re-appears in Sharpe's Waterloo.

Lawford is the son of a Scottish mother and English father and raised near Portsmouth in Hampshire. He is a member of the gentry and is able, with the help of his maternal uncle, Hector McCandless, to purchase a commission as a lieutenant in the 33rd Regiment of Foot. As McCandless is an officer in the East India Company , it is probable that Lawford joins the regiment, then under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Wellesley sometime after its arrival in India in He is posted to the light company under Captain Charles Morris and there meets Private Sharpe for the first time.

When McCandless, who acts as an exploring officer for the Company, is captured by the forces of the Tipoo Sultan , Lawford is tasked with his rescue and chooses Sharpe to accompany him, thus saving the latter from execution by flogging. The pair infiltrate the city of Seringapatam and, posing as deserters, are recruited into the Tipoo's army. Lawford learns to rely on and trust Sharpe's instincts and experience as a soldier to ensure the success of their mission. Unfortunately they are betrayed by Sergeant Obadiah Hakeswill and thrown into prison, where Lawford teaches Sharpe to read, using a single page of the Bible.

During the British assault on the city, Lawford and Sharpe escape and successfully detonate a mine built into the city walls, saving many British lives and ensuring a British victory. As a result of this both men are promoted, Sharpe as a sergeant , Lawford as captain.

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Lawford is still in India at least as late as , when his uncle is killed in the closing stages of the Battle of Assaye , but he returns at some point in the next six years. In Lawford is part of the garrison of Dublin Castle in Ireland, but purchases a lieutenant colonelcy and transfers to Wellesley's staff in Portugal Sharpe's Eagle.

There he is reunited with Sharpe, now a lieutenant in the 95th Rifles. During the Battle of Talavera Lawford is given command of the South Essex Regiment when its commander Sir Henry Simmerson attempts to flee the field, thus once again becoming Sharpe's commanding officer. Lawford continues in that role until early , when he is gravely wounded in the assault on Ciudad Rodrigo , loses his left arm and is invalided back to Britain Sharpe's Company.

Back in England Lawford dedicates himself to his family and political career. He is knighted and elected to parliament, seeking advancement through alliance with the ruling Tory administration.

He attempts to use these contacts to extricate Sharpe from the scandals that threatens to destroy their old regiment Sharpe's Regiment. Lennox was a Scotsman, who retired after returning from India. But after losing his wife, and because a pension on half pay wasn't enough, he rejoined the army as an officer of the South Essex then being raised by Sir Henry Simmerson. General Wellesley dispatches the South Essex, alongside Sharpe's Riflemen and the engineers of Major Hogan, to blow up the bridge at Valdelacasa, so as to protect the army's flank as they march. During an unnecessary action against the French ordered by Simmerson, Lennox was mortally wounded, and the King's Colour was lost.

As a dying request, Lennox asks Sharpe to take a French Eagle, to erase the shame of losing their own standard. Thomas Leroy was born in Virginia to a relatively prosperous planter family at some point prior to the American War of Independence. As Leroy's family support the Crown, they fled first to Canada and then to Britain on the defeat of loyalist forces.

During Sharpe's first mission with the South Essex, its officers quickly place themselves into one of two categories: inept, cowardly dilettantes, such as the regiment's Colonel, Sir Henry Simmerson and his nephew, Lt. Christian Gibbons and professional, or at least competent officers, such as Leroy, Major Forrest and the regiment's only veteran officer, Lennox a captain in the novel, but a major in the television adaptation.

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Leroy remains with the South Essex throughout his military career, rising steadily in ranks through the Peninsular Campaign. He is present at the loss of the regiment's colours at the fictional engagement at Torrecastro and at the subsequent capture of a French Imperial Eagle at the Battle of Talavera in Sharpe's Eagle , is severely injured in the breach at Siege of Badajoz in , Sharpe's Company , but recovers to take command of the regiment after the death of Colonel Windham shortly before the Battle of Salamanca in the same year Sharpe's Sword. He dies in action at the Battle of Vittoria in , leading the assault on the village of Gamarra-Mayor.

Col Bartholomew Girdwood Sharpe's Regiment. The character appears only in the episode based on Sharpe's Eagle. Maclaird wasn't mentioned in Sharpe's Enemy but appeared at the battle of Vitoria in Sharpe's Honour. He died in Sharpe's arms a week later as the South Essex fought off a French attempt to break up the line of march to Pasajes in Sharpe's Regiment.

Sharpe promoted Harper to take his place. McGovern was described as a strong but slow man with children from Scotland. He was described as being one of the useless members of the light company along with private Batten. Peters first appeared in Sharpe's Eagle when Sharpe's riflemen were attach to the light company of the South Essex. Peters was involved in the Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo and the Siege of Badajoz guarding the gates of the chapel where Teresa was being held. He and went on to fight in the Battle of Salamanca in Sharpe's Sword.

Peters is described as a huge sensible man who was older than most. Sharpe saw Peters as a sensible man [72] and a trust worthy reliable soldier. Characters named Harry Price appeared in two episodes of the Sharpe television series , played by different actors. Price makes his first appearance in the novel Sharpe's Company although he has a small role in Sharpe's Battle , a novel written after but set before Sharpe's Company. He is a new lieutenant in the South Essex Regiment , serving as Sharpe's second-in-command in the light company, replacing Robert Knowles from the earlier books.

He is fond of alcohol but affable and well liked by the men.

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Price has minor roles in the next few novels. In Sharpe's Sword , he is briefly placed in command of the light company after Sharpe is believed killed during the capture of Salamanca. He is given a larger role in the next novel, Sharpe's Regiment , where he accompanies Sharpe, Harper and D'Alembord back to England to try to find recruits to bolster the depleted regiment. He plays a part in helping Sharpe take control of the battalion's training camp and expose a plan by corrupt officers to sell the recruits to other regiments.

He then returns to Spain with the regiment, now known as the Prince of Wales' Own Volunteers and is promoted to captain and given command of a company after Captain Thomas is killed at the Battle of Nivelle. In his last appearance, in Sharpe's Waterloo , he is still with the regiment and, after they suffer casualties at Quatre Bras and Waterloo , the most senior officer after Colonel Ford to escape uninjured. When Sharpe takes command of the battalion, he promotes Price to major. He is given a similar role to that in the book but he is shot and apparently killed by Sergeant Hakeswill during the storming of Badajoz while trying to protect Teresa , a fate that befell Captain Knowles in the book.

He talks to Sharpe and Harper and it is clear they know him quite well and that he is a veteran, possibly indicating that this is meant to be the same Harry Price from Sharpe's Company. He is last seen in the closing seconds of the episode, standing alongside Sharpe as he turns back the French advance at Waterloo.

Sergeant Read was a soldier in the South Essex Regiment. Read first appeared in Sharpe's Eagle when Sharpe's riflemen were attach to the light company of the South Essex. He would have fought with Sharpe in the Battle at Talavera. He was unfortunately blinded in the siege of Badajoz in Sharpe's Company.

He was unable to continue as a soldier due to losing his sight and was presumably sent back home to England. Huckfield took his place as Sergeant in the light company. Read was described as a Methodist who worried about the souls of others. He never swore or drank.