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Quitting medical school, Perrey travelled through Europe demonstrating this precursor of the modern synthesizer. At the age of 30, Perrey relocated to New York, sponsored by Caroll Bratman, who built him an experimental laboratory and recording studio.

Henri's Scissors

Befriending Robert Moog , he became one of the first Moog synthesiser musicians, creating "far out electronic entertainment". Perrey and Kingsley collaborated on sound design for radio and television advertising. Perrey returned to France, composing for television, scoring for ballet, and continuing medical research into therapeutic sounds for insomniacs. Perrey's return from obscurity began in , when he started recording in Bordeaux , France, with David Chazam. Their album Eclektronics was first released on vinyl in France only, in In his collaborative CD with Gilbert Sigrist was released.

Jean-Jacques Perrey

The two toured the West Coast of America to promote the album. The result is a blend of retro and modern analogue house synth-pop, encapsulating many genres and the two respective styles of the artists. The CD was released in The album is notable for Perrey's being almost 80 years old when it was released.

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In —, Perrey became friends with Belgian-born Australian multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Wouter de Backer known professionally as Gotye. De Backer worked with Perrey to preserve his recorded legacy. After purchasing two vintage Ondiolines an electronic keyboard closely associated with Perrey , de Backer formed the Ondioline Orchestra in New York. The sextet made their debut performing two shows in tribute to Perrey at National Sawdust, in Brooklyn, on 22 November Perrey, who lived in Switzerland, had planned to attend the tribute, but died before it took place. Finally, new titles added to the distribution catalog:.

These were pressed in a limited edition of 50 copys in screenprinted inserts. Released by The Witch is Screaming. Gerritt will be playing in Sunn0 for a special performance, November 21 the Independant in San Francisco. Anyone who is close enough to make it, should not miss this one! Finally we have gotten so much new stock in were swamped trying to get it up on the site, so there will be several multiple part updates coming with lots of new titles added to the distribution catalog.

Gerritt will be playing a couple of shows in Nov. If you are anywhere near these citys, please come out. You wont wanna miss these! Here are the dates:. Significant progress has been made on the boris "Dronevil" 2xLP, and we hope to have that released in Dec. You may have noticed an abscence of website updates and wondered, "Whats going on with MA and this record store stuff?

Police 'lose track' of Henri van Breda, survivor of axe attack

We encountered some serious landlord issues and other difficulties. We are focused on getting this boris 2xLP out and a few other suprises.

Watch this site as updates will be occuring more frequently again with up to date info on the progress and activities of Misanthropic Agenda. Expect the boris "Dronevil" 2xLP sometime this fall. Its a live collaboration consisting of: Gerritt:computer, S. O'Malley:guitar, and T. This will be released in a limited edition of Available in August.

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Pop over to Stephen's site to see the art! Cock E. Isabella "Pleroma" CD. Here's a few:. Also, check out the Gerritt " Audio files were added to the release area. Merzbow - Frog "Remixed and Revisited" 2xCD samples More audio files will be up soon, including some with semi-exclusive content. Misanthropic Agenda P. Not only are we happy to be here.

Why so many artists are picking up their scissors in the name of collage

We are super excited to announce the release of a highly anticipated new boris album! This one is gonna blow you away! Believe it! More details to be announced soon. The Press area has been updated with new Gerritt materials. There is a whole load of super good new titles in the Distribution Catalog. The biggest news of all we are happy to say Misanthropic Agenda will be moving! Were headed to the bay area, probably Oakland. This will happen at the end of the month. The move will be swift and a new address announced soon. Finally, new Misanthropic Agenda titles will be announced soon!

Its been awhile and alot is coming up. Look for several new updates soon, with more photos, audio files, catalog items, and more! Here are some links to pictures taken at several shows. Long Island , Bard , D. We have copies of the just released Gerritt 12 inch, " Thanks to Dielectric Records for a great release!

Ear, Nose, Throat

March 14 D. Dielectric Records will be releasing a new Gerritt 12 inch called " Some of the distribution catalog catalog has been updated, more to come soon. Thanks for hanging in there. Also, for you collectors, there will be a 4 LP vinyl set of this 2xCD collection. It will contain bonus remixes and will be very limited. Look for this sometime in the future. Check it out. Here are some confirmed dates, but look for more soon. The distribution catalog with a ton of new stuff!

We're getting more items everyday, so check back often! The distribution catalog has been updated! Look for more soon! Come out and meet the man if you have the chance! Conspiracy Distribution will now be supplying our releases to much of Europe! Expect these to hit stores by mid February. All we can say is that it will definitely be worth the wait!

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They're going fast! Manic torrentials of multi-multidirectional percussion, guitar, voice, and electronics from the mouse of John Wiese.

Dynamite shack collage exclaims, "I must get out of these clothes! Presented here on CD format for the first time, such an effort truly encompasses the expansive brillance of this incredible masterpiece. Immerse yourself in the habitat of sonic exploration! An incredible lineup of artist remixing Merzbow's "Frog" LP. This highly anticipated record will finally be unleashed on the public sometime in April. We are quite excited to annouce the lineup for the Merzbow "Frog" remix release!