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The year-old victim owned the legendary hotel patronized by these starving artists, who often paid for their hotel bills with paintings. How, then, to solve a fear of flying?

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There are various forms of medication, ranging from self-administered booze to prescribed sedatives which, as with BA Baracus, pictured, the aviophobic enforcer of the " A Team ", can be slipped into an unsuspecting passenger's milk if needs be. Better, though, are four types of effective therapy.

Um Jammer Lammy: Fright Flight (PaRappa's Verson)

The first is behavioural. This typically involves breathing exercises, flight simulations, interaction with airline pilots, and finally boarding a plane and taking to the skies. All of them were flying independently a year later.

Flight or Fright: 17 Turbulent Tales by Stephen King, Bev Vincent |, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

A further 50 patients were also given cognitive therapy, which taught them how to regulate anxiety. All 50 graduated, a feat achieved by none of the patients in the control group who were put on a waiting list for the duration of the trial, and then asked to fly.

Aware of this success, and keen to make up for the costs of aviophobia, many now offer one day fear-of-flying courses that contain elements of behavioural and cognitive therapy. However, sufferers unwilling to spend a day in therapy at the airport have a third option: Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing EDMR , in which a doctor attempts to distract the brain with light or sound while the patient is envisaging a negative thought. The method, whilst strange, is roughly as effective as behavioural therapy.


Flight, Fright, Fight!

Instead of boarding a plane, patients graduate via a series of virtual reality VR flights, with simulated turbulence. Once again, the treatment has proved as effective as standard behavioural therapy. And with a proliferation of VR devices now available for reasonable prices, aviophobia could become more curable than ever before—using cameras to soothe, not to scare.

If only BA Baracas were around today.

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