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Forensic Science International , vol.

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On preserving statistical characteristics of accelerometry data using their empirical cumulative distribution. A Bayesian interpretation of the particle swarm optimization and its kernel extension. Aimbot detection in online FPS games using a heuristic method based on distribution comparison matrix.

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Computational Intelligence in Biomedical Engineering by Rezaul Begg and Daniel T H Lai

Element-specific determination of X-ray transmission signatures using neural networks. Spasticity, an impairment that is poorly defined and poorly measured. Clin Rehabil , vol. Molecular neuroimaging — A proposal for a novel approach to high resolution recording of neural activity in nervous systems.

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Artificial Intelligence in the Age of Neural Networks and Brain Computing

Majorana Eds. Concrete Solutions pp. CRC Pres. Lam KP and Emery R. Views on chemical safety information and influences on chemical disposal behaviour in the UK.

Computational Intelligence and Bioengineering

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A coarse-grained spectral signature generator - art. Lam KP. Towards a practical differential image processing approach of change detection. Robot Learning Through Task Identification.

Computational Intelligence in Biomedical Engineering | Taylor & Francis Group

Robotics and Autonomous Systems , vol. Visual task identification using polynomial models. Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems, Taros. Andras, P and Idowu, O Kohonen networks with graph-based augmented metrics.

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Sandor, Z. Journal of Econometrics, vol.

Computational Biomedical Engineering

Andras, P. Neural Processing Letters, vol. Fletcher P. Connectionist learning of regular graph grammars. The workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Health - AI4Health - aims at bringing together researchers from academia, industry, government, and medical centers in order to present the state of the art and discuss the latest advances in the emerging area of the use of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing techniques in the fields of medicine, health care and wellbeing.

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AI4Health is expected to cover the whole range of theoretical and practical aspects, technologies and systems related to the application of artificial intelligence and soft computing methodologies to issues as machine learning, deep learning, knowledge discovery, decision support, regression, forecasting, optimization, and feature selection in the healthcare and wellbeing domain. Cangelosi's main research expertise is on language grounding and embodiment in humanoid robots, developmental robotics, human-robot interaction, and on the application of neuromorphic systems for robot learning. Cangelosi is Editor with K. His main research fields include computational intelligence and parallel computing. Her research activities are focused in the area of mobile Health and Pervasive Computing.