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The first illustration in Angels All Around began as a single line from me: "Vignette 1 — Trumble wrapping Ethan's leg with his sash while shouting orders. And she responded with an initial sketch, line art, and flat colors. At every stage, we were turning up in each others' inboxes. Could you toss his sword onto the grass instead? Did you know some varieties of trees have red leaves in summer? Can you lighten Ethan's hair?

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Think caramel! I think the funniest kerfuffle with this first piece is plain to see. What I took for the inward curve of Trumble's right wing, Anna intended for the trunk of the tree. Since my mental image of Ethan leaning into Trumble's protection was too strong to un -see, Anna graciously humored me. Throughout Angels All Around , there's a stark contrast between the visible and invisible.

Everything's sweetness and light, princes and perfection from Prissie's perspective. She's blind to the enemy and deaf to their threats. But Milo is keenly aware of the danger he's in. I think Anna captured this duality beautifully in the story's third illustration. Look closely.

Do you see what Prissie cannot? Finally, Anna and I included something fun. There's a game of hide-and-seek underway, and readers are invited to join in. Every illustration includes a yahavim, one of Christa's tiny, fairy-like angels. In the Threshold Series , these little guys are heaven's manna-makers. We hope you'll enjoy the hunt … the story … and the series!

Threshold Seven - The Abduction of Alina Jane

Prissie never expected to stumble into an adventure on her way to the mailbox. Invisible doors, angels in disguise, kidnapped comrades, demonic minions, divine messengers, sword fights, winged rescuers, shared dreams, and apple pie. Christa Kinde is a cheerful homebody whose imagination takes her to new places with every passing day. Making her home between misty mornings and brimming bookshelves in Southern California, she keeps her lively family close and her trusty laptop closer. Christa has been writing for more than a decade, producing numerous workbooks and study guides for Max Lucado, John MacArthur, and Women of Faith.

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